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What will it mean to work with a Gestalt therapist?
Present Moment Awareness

I believe what is happening in the moment is our most important and radical teacher.  Everything we need to do the deep work of therapy is already within us—embedded in the here and now.  Therapy is simply clearing a path for a healing light to come forward and becoming more and more awake to its presentation.  

Somatic Experience

I place an emphasis on what is happening for my clients somatically as we talk.  Our bodies give us signals we can use as guide posts for what needs our attention for healing.  I believe this is one of the fundamental paths to healing, especially from any type of trauma.  My way of working in this area is not exclusive to Gestalt; there is a great deal of crossover into AEDP, focusing, and somatic experiencing, to name a few other modalities.  

Clarity and Authenticity

Clarity involves making the implicit explicit.  Making sure the content in therapy is explicit, authentic and clear, creates a space where I can meet my clients exactly where they are and be with them on their journey.  Having an emphasis on clarity and authenticity can be especially helpful when working with issues like shame and addiction in an individual or a family system. 

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