I have the pleasure of facilitating Gestalt Process Groups on a regular basis.  This type of group places an emphasis on working with boundaries, self- responsibility, and developing the capacity to "be with what is" through self-support and group support.  Group members often develop the capacity to fully be in contact with what is happening for them, while being in contact with other people; working with questions like, “What does it mean to have a need for myself while I am in contact with other people?”

It is important to me that my groups have a range of people with different economic statuses, races, ages, sexualities and gender identities (to name only a few).  To that end, I attempt to offer space to each new member with this desire in mind.     

I am currently co-facilitating two groups: a weekly group in the Haight with Keith Packer  in San Francisco on Tuesday mornings and a bi-weekly group that meets every other Thursday morning for queer people in Oakland with Mary Clarke .  

Both groups accept members on an ongoing basis.  Please contact me if you are interested. 

My San Francisco office is located in the Mission on 18th Street.  My East Bay office is located in Oakland on Bellevue Ave near Grand Ave in The Farol building, which is easily accessible from Berkeley and Alameda.  I specialize in treating alcoholism, addiction, recovery, adult children of alcoholics, anxiety, depression and trauma associated with neglect and abuse including sexual abuse. I also enjoy working with people's dreams and issues facing LGBT, queer and gender-queer adults and children. My orientation is Gestalt, holistic, transpersonal, somatic, and mindful.

Margaret Goodwin, LMFT

(415) 702-1588

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

License # 103426 

Bay Area Gestalt Institute
3150 18th Street #501, San Francisco, CA 94110

445 Bellevue Avenue, Suite 104A Oakland, CA 94610